Regular Road Maintenance: Why It’s Important And Its 3 Types

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One of the major factors contributing to a country’s developmental growth is the presence of an adequate and reliable road network. This network serves as the primary channel for transportation for anything and everything, from business goods to passengers. 

As the pillars that enable a myriad of day-to-day activities for both average citizens and businesses, their care and maintenance must never be neglected. If proper attention is not provided, a whole slew of problems could arise, potentially affecting things on a much larger scale.

Like most things in life, constant maintenance and upkeep are necessary to keep them in top shape and serviceable condition. To know more about the importance of road maintenance and the consequences of its neglect, read on down below.

The importance of regular road upkeep

Infrastructures like roads are prone to becoming damaged and fall into a state of disrepair over time. This deterioration is unavoidable since roads are subject to heavy pressure and constant use daily. 

Regular upkeep must be conducted so as to not waste the initial investments made in constructing these man-made paths. This servicing ensures that roads remain safe for use, smooth and efficient for goods transit, and less susceptible to causing unwanted accidents.

If roads’ maintenance needs are not met, the failure of an area’s transport system is first and foremost on the list of consequences. This failure will then breed other problems for the economy, with the loss of profit for businesses that rely on them being an important one.

What issues does a road maintenance address? 

Road maintenance can be carried out in many ways. But ultimately, the end goal is to revert it to its original state as much as possible. One common objective between these methods is the rectification of small but potentially disastrous defects. By fixing these issues whilst it’s still early, major incidents can be averted and greatly reduce the costs needed for repairs.

Here are a few of the most common issues that road maintenance must repair:

  • Faded road markings
  • Missing man-hole covers
  • Blocked drainage systems by the road
  • Cracks and fissures
  • Missing or broken road signs
  • Defective guardrails
  • Potholes
The three types of road maintenance

To fix these problems, the following three main types of road maintenance are used:

  • Preventive maintenance

Nipping road problems in the bud can mitigate risks and other related emergencies. Through adequate planning and frequent inspections, appropriate treatments and solutions can be deployed to fix road issues well before they blow out of proportion.

  • Emergency maintenance

Unexpected circumstances are the usual cause that prompts this kind of maintenance. These circumstances may include disasters, be it natural or man-made, and extreme weather conditions. Some examples that can lead to the ruination of roads are earthquakes, landslides, and floods, to name a few.

  • Reactive maintenance

This kind of maintenance only occurs after an issue arises and is reported to the proper authorities. The most common and typical issue that this maintenance addresses are potholes. And since potholes don’t suddenly appear on well-maintained roads, this kind of maintenance is typically inadvisable because it’s unsustainable and costs a lot more to perform. 

The road networks established worldwide are crucial both to its residents and business. With the help of frequent maintenance, their conditions can stay in top form and allow the continuation of 

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