How The Right Lifting Equipment Can Increase Productivity

Multidirectional Forklift, Multidirectional Forklift Singapore

Utilising the right equipment for the job is paramount. A basic set of tools may get a certain number of tasks completed, but some moments call for specialised equipment. It is possible to circumvent these situations, but you will find it time-consuming to navigate your way around them.

Understanding your lifting equipment’s functions can boost workplace productivity. Problems can arise from using the wrong tool, and that only serves to slow you down.

Learn more about the various lifting equipment and how they can help to increase workplace efficiency.

Multi-directional forklift

A basic forklift is limited in its movements and requires delicate handling to navigate its way around an obstacle. Precious man-hours are wasted when loading and unloading a pallet with this forklift.

A multi-directional forklift is able to eliminate this issue by offering the flexibility of moving in all four directions. The machinery can be operated indoors and out as well, allowing forklift operators to streamline their process. One such example of a multipurpose forklift capable of carrying out all the above-mentioned functions is the Combilift C3000. With a multifunctional forklift, operators are  now also able to efficiently load and unload pallets and transport them at a much faster rate.

Electric pallet truck

The limited floor space of a warehouse may make it difficult for a forklift operator to manoeuvre the vehicle. An electric pallet truck can offer the same efficiency as a forklift in an enclosed environment due to its smaller scale.

This flexibility allows an operator to load and unload a pallet quickly. It also eliminates the manual labour required from a regular pallet jack. Workers no longer have to activate a pallet jack’s hydraulics by hand, and they also do not need to drag the loaded pallet to its destinations.

Straddle carrier

It is a common safety hazard for workers to utilise several counterbalance forklifts to lift a heavy load that one forklift cannot accomplish. In addition to the risk of damaging the equipment, this method is also inefficient. It takes time for the different forklift operators to manoeuvre their forklifts to lift the load and ensure it is properly balanced.

For example, a Combilift Straddle Carrier (Combi-CS) offers an economical handling solution for the distribution of oversized loads. The manoeuvrability of this equipment when carrying heavy loads provides flexibility in transporting such objects. You can also secure the load before the lifting begins, ensuring that the product is not damaged.

The 360-degree visibility from the driver’s seat allows the operator to lift, handle and unload the products at a much faster rate. The enhanced visibility also affords them greater freedom and safety when transporting and handling the load. 

Owning a straddle carrier also allows the company to improve the productivity of its yard operations. With this piece of equipment, the company can move their containers without a transport company’s assistance. This autonomy allows the separation of the warehouse and transport operations, leading to a more efficient production flow.

Operating without the proper tools is not only time-consuming but also expensive. With the right equipment in place, you can ensure your lifting operation is carried out safely, efficiently and in the most cost-effective fashion.