5 Benefits of Using Combilift Aisle Master Over Other Material Handling Equipment

If you’re looking for the best material handling equipment to utilize at your warehouse, you should look into an Aisle Master. This articulated forklift is far superior to the average forklift. Here’s why!

1. Ability to Work in Tighter Environments

The Aisle Master can effectively navigate aisles that are only 1.6 meters wide, which is much slimmer compared to the aisles many other types of material handling equipment require. Yet, these forklifts can still lift as high as 15 meters. This allows warehouses to be efficient with spacing and creates room for up to 50% more storage. When space is used more effectively and your workforce is able to be more productive, your warehouse can become more profitable.

By saving space, the Aisle Master can also help you reduce operating costs. If you can operate in a smaller warehouse, you may end up paying less for rent and utilities. Less overhead means that your warehouse is also reducing its carbon footprint.

2. Easy to Maintain

Maintaining an Aisle Master is easy! Whether you’re just doing a routine check or something is actually wrong and needs to be addressed, you’ll find all the parts of this equipment can be accessed quickly. That being said, because Aisle Masters come with a 5-year or 5000-hour warranty, they are able to operate for long periods of time without needing repairs. If your Aisle Master needs a part replacement and you’re in Singapore, you’ll experience minimal downtime because parts can be locally sourced. There’s no need to order from the manufacturer.

3. Versatile Applications

Unlike other types of articulated forklifts, the Aisle Master can be used on all types of terrain, both indoor and outdoor. That means you don’t need separate types of vehicles. This saves money but it’s also just more convenient. You don’t have to switch between two types of equipment if you are moving between indoor and outdoor spaces. Your warehouse also doesn’t need to have the flattest floors to accommodate an Aisle Master. These forklifts even operate without guided aisles or bottom beams!

4. Superior Quality Through and Through

You’ll be hard-pressed to find alternative equipment that has the same level of quality in every single component like the Aisle Master. The quality is in the details here! Every component is manufactured in Ireland, and Aisle Masters are assembled in Ireland. This means there is a superior quality control compared to other types of equipment that may have different parts manufactured in many countries before they are all assembled. There’s less margin for error.

5. No Special License Required

While a special license may be required with many types of articulated forklifts, this is not something you have to worry about with the Aisle Master. There are no additional credentials needed to operate it, which means your staff won’t have to waste time studying and taking an exam. More of your employees will also be qualified to operate this piece of equipment.

 Purchase Your Aisle Master in Singapore

With these many advantages, choosing an Aisle Master as your articulated forklift should be the clear choice. Paves Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. is an authorized distributor of the Aisle Master in Singapore. With our 15 years of industrial equipment experience, there’s no one better to trust for exceptional equipment in Singapore. We offer Aisle Masers to purchase and rent and can complete repairs in 24 hours if the equipment gives you any trouble. 

To learn more about how the Aisle Master can be a major asset to your operation, get in touch with Paves Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. today!