10 Key Advantages Of Using An Aisle Master Forklift

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From its name, the purpose of the Combi-Aisle Master forklift is obvious. Similar to a multidirectional forklift, this forklift is used to operate along very narrow aisles; as narrow as 1800mm. The truck is particularly useful in warehousing and storage industry, to manoeuvre palletized cargo through tight spaces.

In warehouses where aisles are narrow and tight, double handling is what most employees do.

However, it often consumes a lot of time, which can be easily avoided by using an Combi-Aisle Master forklift. The Combi-Aisle Master forklift is a combination of both counterbalance forklift, very narrow aisles forklift and reach truck. It allows the truck to operate both indoor and outdoor reducing the need for an outdoor counterbalance forklift. It also allows for truck to rack operations, increasing productivity and efficiency.

If you are considering on getting an Aisle Master forklift for your company, here are 10 advantages of utilizing it in warehouses and confined spaces.

1. Aisles as small as 1800mm

By optimizing your racking layout and reduce aisles widths down to as little as 1.6m, you can dramatically increase your storage capacity within your existing facility. Greater reach and capacity means a 80% increase in warehouse storage and reduced costs.

2. Lift as high as 15m

Having it in your warehouse enables you to lift weights up to a height of 15m, provides VNA operation in aisle-widths of only 1.8m, and boasts amazing lift/load capacity of up to approximately 2700 kg – altogether boosting warehouse storage by about 50-100% and lowering expenses.

As such, an aisle master forklift would make an excellent addition to your warehouse space – in terms of increasing space and boosting workplace productivity.

Double deep

Normally, with selective pallet racks you will need to have an aisle on either side to lift/pick the goods – however, with an Aisle Master telescopic forks lets you store more in the same amount of space. You’re able to lift from either aisle; except that there are four pallets altogether instead of two.

An Aisle Master is especially handy if your facility or warehouse has limited space and it has lots of benefits offered – such as easy-to-use functionality, improved pallet positions within the same footprint, maximized warehouse space/lowered number of aisles, and is low maintenance.

No bottom beams

Generally, certain forklifts – such as reach truck, have bottom beams or need to be wide enough to accommodate the outriggers to fit around the pallets which are found on the floor. It removes the need for including a bottom beam as it allows extra clearance right-to-right between the outriggers on the reach truck as well as the pallet footprints.

Usually bottom beams are needed, but in this case the support isn’t needed. An Aisle Master is capable of functionally normally, and even remarkably without the presence of bottom beams.

Operates indoor and outside

With the aisle master forklift, you can save a lot of time and effort thanks to its versatility. Essentially, it was created to meet the needs of functions which are needed to operate within narrow aisles, but also in all weathers and outdoors. It’s a multi-purpose truck that’s callable of both indoors and outdoors truck-to-rack operations, resulting in benefits like: speeding up load cycles and eliminating time-consuming double handling.

As mentioned earlier, it can perform the role of three trucks, making it very convenient to own. Furthermore, its large rubber tires make it effortless to move along all types of terrain.

Coldstore cabin

With lift/pick capacities of up to 3t, the flexibility in choosing electric or diesel power, as well as a variety of cab attachments and options – you can specifically come up with the ideal Aisle Master solution that suits your working environment.

More importantly, the Aisle Master also includes coldstore spec models that are able to operate in temperatures as low as -35° C while ensuring that operators are kept warm in the completely enclosed heated cab.

No rail or wire guidance needed

Unlike traditional VNA turret trucks, there isn’t a need to invest in extremely flat floors in the facility or warehouse, and neither is wire or rail guidance required. This is because the Aisle Master alone is sufficient enough in operating alone without these requirements.

European build quality

Compared to past turret trucks, an Aisle Master is more advanced and is of European build quality; able to lift from racking and load directly to Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGVs) is especially advantageous as this removes double handling and expedites operations.

There’s also a system equipped, that automatically optimizes speed, controls both deceleration and acceleration according to the lifting height to make sure efficient and safe handling of inventory.

5-year, 5,000 hours factory warranty

Versatile, tough, and built to last – the aisle master forklift is built to perform heavy-duty operations, as it is made using high-grade castings and steel. This also ensures that you don’t have a lot of maintenance costs to foot and that this is one investment that lasts a long time.

However, in the event that any incident occurs pertaining to your Aisle Master, such as its parts – an Aisle Master has a 5-year or 5,000 hours parts warranty which reassures equipment owners and operators in regards to the lifespan and total cost of your equipment.

100% Nationally supported

As an Aisle Master is 100% nationally supported, businesses from any relevant sector will be able to use the forklift. Moreover, the parts can be found from internationally recognized supplies such as Curtis Controllers, Bosch Rexroth, and so forth.

Hence, the benefit for customers here is that there will constantly have parts and service availability in the event that it’s needed.

With an Aisle Master, it eliminates the need for multiple forklifts and allows you to operate business smoothly at its full potential.