The Performance and Longevity of your Asphalt Plant

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In this issue of “At Hand”, Marini Newsletter having at heart the performance and longevity of your asphalt plant, we will talk about the burner, the electrical system and the control cabin and why it is important that these three elements of your system are at their best for the start of the season.

When attending Marini on-line courses or when reading this Newsletter, you should have learnt what are the things on which we insist and where we often bring your attention to. We want to do this one more time when, after the winter shutdown, the plant is about to start again and you are completing maintenance work before re-starting the burner.

Let’s start with the burner, the heart of the system, the one that heats the aggregates, the core of your product. As you know, nothing works when the burner is off and your goal is to keep it in excellent health. During the winter you have certainly dedicated a lot of time to the maintenance of this vital element and you have taken the time to verify its mechanical and electrical functionality, all the sensors that allow it to communicate with the rest of the system and with the control cabin and you made sure you have the first aid kit in house for when, in the worst case scenario, an unforeseen event takes place during the period of activity.

The control room must be impeccable as this is where you manage the entire system, helping you have the visibility of everything that happens in real time. All connections must be fully functional, as well as Cybertronic, the Marini software for remote management of your plant.

The most frequent asphalt plant shutdowns are caused by a fault in the electrical system, for this reason it is paramount to do a complete check, as we thoroughly discuss during Marini online course “The source of all evils? The electrical fault and how to avoid it “. On this occasion, I am sure you certainly checked and tested the safety systems, you surely know where all the critical points are of your electrical system are, you have checked them and you have everything you need in house to replace them quickly in the event of an electrical fault.

In conclusion, before re-starting,¬†make sure you have burner, cabin and electrical system under control. If you have problems with one of these three you either don’t start or you stop. So, in case you neglected something, now is the time to fix it.

As you know by now, I am always “close at hand”.