Cold Mix Asphalt


Asphalt is one of the most popular paving materials in the world, but not all asphalt is created and used equally. You have two main options in the asphalt world- Cold Mix Asphalt and Hot Mix Asphalt. Whilst Hot Mix Asphalt remains an economical and permanent choice between road contractors, road maintenance work cannot be done after a heavy downpour.

Ultracrete IRR, located in the United Kingdom has developed a high performing patching material that has a unique specially formulated binder & superior graded aggregates- a winning combination that means the product achieves excellent compaction, allows immediate trafficking & can be applied in all climatic conditions, from the tropics to arctic whilst providing a durable permanent repair.

10 Reasons why you should purchase Cold Mix Asphalt

  1. Can be used in all weather conditions
  2. No special preparations
  3. Open to traffic immediately
  4. Cold mix asphalt is stored in recyclable containers
  5. Compatible with flexible road surfaces
  6. Solvent-free
  7. Ready to use- No need to add water
  8. Polished stone value 60 psv
  9. Environmentally friendly, no carbon emissions
  10. Can be stored for up to 1 year, in an air tight container

Product Specifications

Test Method ASTM D 2041
Marshall Stability (kg)63
Flow (mm)4
Binder Content (5)5-7
Base Bitumen80/100
Penetration @ 25°C80/100 dmm
Softening Point °C45-52°C
Mean Wheel Tracking Depth2.20mm
Max. Theocratic S.G.2.454 GM / CC
Air Voids14.02%
Bulk S.G. 2.110 GM / CC

3 Easy Steps

Remove all loose debris in the pothole

Fill the area with slow, steady and deliberate movements with a spade and rake

Tamp with a vibratory compactor or hand tamper from the outer perimeter and working towards the centre of the repair area.

Cold Mix Asphalt Product Range

Ultracrete Instant Road Repair

Manufactured under the license of Instarmac Group PLC, United Kingdom, Ultacrete Instant Road Repair (Cold Mix Asphalt) allows road contractors to use the mix cold whilst allowing effective compaction, resulting in technical strength properties comparable to normal hot asphalt mixes. The specially formulated binder contains superior addictive and anti-slipping agent mixed with specially graded high-performance granite aggregates.

Ultracrete Permanent Pothole Repair Wet

A specifically formulated cold mix asphalt that is able to withstand a high degree of water tolerance which helps prevent washout. It is durable in all weather conditions, even after a heavy downpour. It is an ideal solution for potholes, pavement, driveways, and car park maintenance works.

Cold Mix Asphalt Brochure Download

Download a copy of the Cold Mix Asphalt product catalogue.