Road construction is a complex task. That’s why every BOMAG paver is systematically designed for efficiency – regardless of the class and whether it is a wheel or chain version. This applies as much to the lower fuel consumption as to fast operational readiness and excellent pre-compaction. Developed and optimised by engineers, who can draw upon half a century of experience, particularly in respect of efficient road construction. Every machine leaves the factory with the highest possible level of reliability. Another reason why selecting BOMAG ensures an investment that pays off for a long time.


Product Features

  • Quick Coupling
  • Ecomode intelligent engine and hydraulics management system
  • BOMAG Telematic- Retrieve location and operating data at any time and manage your fleet more efficiently. Automatic reports provide full transparency on fuel consumption, idle times and potential for fleet optimisation. Real time illustration of total service planning and history comes with BOMAG telematic
  • With MAGMALIFE, the innovative screed technology
  • With the MAGMALIFE principle, heating rods cast in aluminium.

Optional Features

  • Operator compartment
  • Asphalt steam extraction
  • Two platform concept
  • Optional paint finish
  • Biologically degradable hydraulic oil
  • Hydraulic, height adjustable auger
  • Track scraper- screed
  • Hydraulic crown adjustent
  • S200 extensions: 350mm
  • MAGAMALIFE Aluminium heating plates
  • MAGAMALIFE Automatic screed heating – Levelling systems
  • C.S screed relief and traction increase system
  • Height and cross-slope sensing by means of ultrasonic or mechanical sensors
  • Fleet management BOMAG TELEMATIC
  • LED working lights

Product Specifications

  • Operator compartment
  • Dashboard protection
  • Digital display for machine management- tractor
  • Push Rollers
  • Separate control for hopper wings
  • Rubber track pads – screed
  • Screed temperature control
  • Mechanical screed lock
  • Crown adjustment
  • Side control of auger/scraper belts
  • Tools
  • Three phase generator

Our Technology

Consistent quality management and unique technical systems such as MAGMALIFE, QUICK COUPLING AND ECOMODE also make the BOMAG pavers unbeatable in terms of cost.

high performance screed

High Performance Screed

Pre compaction with the BOMAG high performance screed is the result of combining the vibration of the screed plates and the frequency of the tampers. By using the high dead weight of the screed and the extra depth of the screed plates, exception pre-compaction values are achieved. The degree of pre-compaction can be individually adjusted by varying the frequencies for the compaction units and tamper bar.


High temperatures are absolutely critical in asphalt compaction. With MAGALIFE, we have redefined screed heating. All the heating rods are cast into one aluminium block. Because of the metal’s excellent thermal conductivity, the heat time is significantly shorter so that the paver and team are ready for operation more quickly.
quick coupling

Quick Coupling

Fast, simple, perfect: That’s what BOMAG QUICK COUPLING stands for. A smart, quick attachment system that allows screed extension without fiddly screw fastenings. Result: Shorter retrofitting times and significant cost reductions.
Telematic: Fleet Management


Call up the status of your vehicles from your computer or tablet. Provides compaction details, maintenance reports in real time, which is available across all devices PC, ioS and Android devices.

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