The Combi-CB was a ground-breaking development in the materials handling sector as it was the first forklift to combine the benefits of multidirectional capability with counterbalance design. It was designed to handle palletised as well as long loads and as such is ideal for operations that need to transport and store diverse sizes of products.

Much smaller than the traditional counterbalance forklifts that it can replace, the Combi-CB offers unrivalled versatility as it is able to work in frontal mode when handling pallets, and with a flick of a switch it can transport long load sideways. Narrow aisle ability, safer and space saving operation are just some of the benefits of this award-winning model.

The Combi-CB works effortlessly indoors and out and the three-wheel design ensures excellent stability and traction on rougher terrain and in all weather conditions. Its compact dimensions offer a further advantage: its low profile enables it to enter into containers for stuffing and destuffing, considerably speeding up this procedure.

Lift capacities from 2.5 tonnes to 4.5 tonnes are available, with various mast height options of up to 8.5m and a choice of electric, diesel or LPG power. As with all Combilift models, a wide range of attachments such as a hydraulic fork positioner, telescopic forks or a detachable spreader bar can be supplied to customise each Combi-CB to specific requirements.

In this video, Combilift’s Anthony Rooney takes an in-depth look at the features, functions and capabilities of the Combi-CB and highlights the advantages that these versatile trucks can bring to your operation.