5 Financially-Draining Mistakes & How To Identify Them

Multidirectional Forklift, Electric Pallet Truck

Operators who are trained and qualified to operate heavy construction equipment like an electric pallet truck perform the job with diligence. The thorough training and tests they go through allow them to carry out their tasks while avoiding accidents that can cause injury to people and damage equipment.

Your operators’ behaviour and proficiency when handling equipment are crucial since it significantly impacts the lifespan of your machinery and the productivity of your company. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that your operators should undergo the heavy equipment operator course before being allowed to start operating heavy equipment like the multidirectional forklift.

One common mistake in the industry is that many companies have neglected training their operators. Hence, they hire inexperienced and unskilled operators. A prevalent assumption that most business owners in the industry assume is that the equipment they use is highly advanced; thus, there is no need for hiring qualified or skilled operators. This is a critical mistake which can cause significant monetary losses in the long run.

Keep reading on to learn more about other common errors that can be a costly mistake for your company.

Increased accidents at the jobsite

It’s more likely for accidents to occur in places like construction sites. Although it is impossible to completely avoid accidents, you can control the frequency and severity of such incidents with some tweaks in your company’s standard operating protocols.

If you have similar accidents that frequently happen at your construction site, it should raise a red flag to you or your contractors; never neglected. If your frequent accidents involve your operators, you should consider enrolling them for proper training. This is because untrained operators operating your equipment not only put themselves at risk; but also your other employees near them.

Therefore, every company should take action immediately once they notice increased accidents, breakdown or a breach in general safety.

Equipment starts consuming a lot of fuel

One of the main expenses for most construction companies would be the fuel for their equipment. It can get costly, therefore, contractors and companies are always on the lookout for ways of minimising their fuel expenditure.

One tip for your operators working with these equipment would be to look for efficiency. This means consistently checking the equipment for the possibility of excessive idling or whether the equipment is running at full RPM at all times. If your operator is unsure of how to do so, it is key that you take them for training.

Several reports have indicated that untrained operators are known to increase the equipment’s idle time by 40-50% of the total operation time. This leads to the amount of wasted fuel per hour collating to a gallon or more. However, if they are trained in reducing idling time, you can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10-12%.

Frequent replacement of parts

If you notice that you are replacing components or parts on your heavy equipment frequently, then it is a telltale sign that you should act quickly.

What many do not know is that the condition of your jobsite plays a significant role in how often you would have to replace the parts and components of your equipment. Another reason that contributes to the frequent replacement of parts would be unskilled operators not operating the equipment correctly.

As a result, the parts of the equipment are susceptible to deteriorating quickly and imposing high repair fees for your company.

Deadlines missed often

Frequent delays in delivering projects can negatively impact the reputation of the construction company. In the construction industry, having a negative reputation can cost your company in lost deals and lower profitability.

One common cause of delayed project completion would be the result of hiring untrained operators. By working with untrained operators that have no experience, the productivity of your company would be lower because they are unsure of their tasks.

This puts your company behind schedule and not being able to complete the project according to the deadline that was projected to the client. Furthermore, working with unskilled operators increases the likelihood of errors that can lead to reworking several areas of the project and holding the rest of the team back.

Such unscheduled downtime only leads to flouted deadlines. Fortunately, this can be avoided by ensuring that you are only working with trained operators who know their responsibilites well.

Not fully utilising machine technology

Due to the advancement of technology in the construction industry, most modern heavy equipment is designed to minimise fuel consumption while improving the effectiveness of it.

When you have such state-of-the-art equipment but not utilise it to its maximum capabilities, your company is not reaching its full potential. Being armed with equipment of such technology should provide you with maximum ROI and set you apart from other construction companies.

However, only trained operators would know how to fully utilise each equipment to get the best results both productively and effectively – so, ensure you’ve fully equipped operators with the right skills and training.

Keeping these tips in mind, your company should evaluate and identify the mistakes that are currently financially draining the company. The operator or company should then proactively take measures of minimising wastage and improve productivity.