Combilift Concept

Combilift is the world's first ic engine-powered all-wheel-drive multidirectional forklift. It is actually a combination of forklift and side-loader, and is highly maneuverable, very safe, very cost effective and supremely efficient.


Forward Mode

Carousel Mode

Sideward Mode


The Combilift advantages:

  •   Safer Product Handling
  •   Space Savings
  •   Long Load Handling
  •   Reliable Robust Simple Design
  •   Indoor and Outdoor Use
  •   Increased Productivity
  •   Less Product Damage
  •   Operator and Maintenance Friendly
  •   Green
Guided Aisle

Safer Product Handling




The Combilift is designed to handle long-loads safely. By eliminating the need to travel with elevated long loads, the unit provides greater stability. Its integrated platform with low center of gravity also provides a more stable base.
It is tested to CE machinery directive and complies with ANSI/AMSE, B56.1 requirements.


Space Savings


Using patented, leading edge technology, Combilift forklifts are equipped with a unique 4-way steering system that allows the units to travel sideways with long loads.
This system gives the user multi-directional capability, delivering possible space savings of up to 100%.


Long Load Handling

The Combilift eliminates the unnecessary multiple handling of goods by being able to maneuver easily through doorways that are narrower than the load it carries. This results in less product damage and safer handling as well as eliminating the need for oversized doorways or conveyors.





Indoor and Outdoor Use (semi-rough terrain)

Combilift operates equally efficiently both indoors and out. It is available with fuel-efficient LPG, diesel or AC electric power, eliminating the need for an indoor forklift and an outdoor forklift.







Increased Productivity

The Combilift’s ability to work inside and out and to replace a combination of other types of forklift allows more streamlined offloading and load handling in and around the warehouse. This eliminates double handling, increases operational speed and combined with the ability to work in narrow aisles contributes to vastly increased productivity.








Operator and Maintenance Friendly

The Combilift range incorporates a wide range of features to ensure a comfortable environment for the operator such as suspension seats and high visibility cabs. The option of hydraulic fork positioners and telescopic forks operated from within the cab also ensures quick and straightforward handling of varied sized loads, reducing manual strain. Easy access to components makes the Combilift range very maintenance friendly.








Less product damage

Sideways travel with long loads resting on the platform, excellent manoeuvrability around tight confines and exact positioning of loads drastically reduces the risk of product damage.







Reliable Robust Simple Design

Combilifts are designed as tough workhorses and whilst they are designed to the highest specification for user requirements they feature a minimum of sensitive electronic parts ensuring robust, long life operation.













Gaining up to 100% more storage space leads to a reduction of fleet sizes, emissions, operation cycle times, handling and storage costs.







Available Options


Combilift models are available in LPG, Diesel, Electric  


 Sliding-LPG-Gas-bottle-Carrier  C4000-Electric-Battery
 Sliding LP Gas Tank  AC Electrics



Central to all our design is the focus on operator comfort and safety.


 Spacious-Cabinseat  Air con
Spacious Cabin with Deep Suspension Seat Air Conditioning Option
 Ergonomic-Controls  Options
 Ergonomic Controls  Optional Joy Stick Control

We represents a range of products in the Asia Pacific region. The company was set-up in the midst of economic uncertainty in the Asian region.

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